Greetings! And welcome to Kahoy webshop. My name is Melba and I am a full-time housewife since I immigrated here in the Netherlands. After settling in and integrated into the society, I want to learn new things and help people while taking care of my family; and that is when Kahoy webshop was born. Let me introduce you to all Kahoy products.

Wood products:

All KAHOY wooden products are handcrafted by artistic and talented Ifugao carvers from the province of Benguet, Philippines. Their world-class premium crafts are considered global Filipino pride. With the changes in trends in the market, the wood industry is getting less interest among customers. KAHOY would like to aid in elevating the popularity of the traditional carvers’ products in Europe. Most of their products are made of acacia and gmelina woods.

Keep in mind that the wood products were made by hand. There might be some scratches, dents, cracks but it definitely doesn’t affect the purpose of the items. It has imperfections, but those imperfections make it unique. If maintained properly, it will last for decades.

Traditional bags:

The bags are from Bohol and Baguio, Philippines. Bags made by a small creative community in Bohol are made of coconut shells and abaca fiber. These reflect their persistence in life. The other bags are made by an inspiring young entrepreneur from Baguio, who shows the colorful hand-woven fabric from Baguio. All these bags are unique, functional and artistic.

Handcrafted items:

Deciding to be a full-time housewife is not an easy task for me. Especially that I am used in working at corporate world. Introducing handmade wood products from the Philippines to the EU market is also not simple and cheap. It even hits harder during the pandemic due to cancelled trade fairs. But as the saying goes, life goes on and when the boredom strikes, creativity takes over. Since I am always home, learning handcrafted items become my interest.


Please keep in mind that the items are hand made. They have imperfections. But those imperfections are what gives them more meaning and uniqueness.

Have fun discovering the webshop and I hope you find something that interests you.

Good luck!

S A L E !

“find beauty in the small things”

“handmade with love in Netherlands”

“no masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist”

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Princess H. Keira
Princess H. Keira
I recommend because they have the most regarding quality, style and cost efficiency.Kahoy's products such as The Philippine's native products, scented decorative... soaps and kids hair accessories, are in excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective, which are within our budget range. I had a very good experience with them, customer service wise. They are very accommodating and helpful, they will cater all your needs and requests as much as they can. I also have heard reviews on their product, all of them are singing praises on how good it worked for them. I strongly recommend, it is about time that we try out this amazing product for ourselves too!!!Thanks for the service Kahoy.nlGod bless and more more
Deborah Philips
Deborah Philips
Super snelle en vriendelijke service! Prachtige en unieke producten op de site voor betaalbare prijzen! 🥰 Zeker een kijkje nemen waard
Jacque M Perez
Jacque M Perez
Een heel mooi houtproduct uit de Filippijnen, perfect voor dagelijks gebruik en speciale gelegenheidscadeaus voor je liefdes en vrienden voor een redelijke prijs.Je kunt een... uniek en prachtig item krijgen dat met liefde is gemaakt van mensen die daar spectaculaire talenten mee hebben. help hen hun leven op te bouwen met dit more
Walter Labajo EU
Walter Labajo EU
Unique and Durable. Kahoy. nl thank you for bringing a piece of the Philippines here in the Netherlands. I specially love the leaf designed platter ❤
Alvin Villareal Smit-Amor
Alvin Villareal Smit-Amor
If you want to buy or like kahoy product like me yup real kahoy product visit I have one for serving dessert and a nuts and chip plates easy to clean and its... really nice in the table .Thank you kahoyread more
Nicole Meijs
Nicole Meijs
Hele mooie spullen, betaalbaar en goede service!!
Eden P. Schellingerhout
Eden P. Schellingerhout
very nice and good quality
Marie Espinosa
Marie Espinosa
I've bought sungka and halve maan, it is really nice. We are enjoying to play the sungka, the halve maan is nice for a modern house decoration. The seller is kind and... helpful, I would buy more products! Goodluck! 🙂read more
Maldita Ng Buhay Ko
Maldita Ng Buhay Ko
I love rotan and this unique products i love it
Pedro Pinduko
Pedro Pinduko
Great to see this! Unique products made by unique hands!! Mabuhay!!
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